Break through your overwhelm with an all-encompassing supported approach specific to your eCommerce challenges. Our expertise covers Shopify website builds, updates, upgrades & modifications, Google and Meta advertising tactics, Klaviyo email strategies, and budgeting essentials.

Site Unicorn Shopify Partner Website Design Systems Integration Fixed Price with No Hidden Fees

Our Promise Is Simple

We promise to work with you to create or update a website, establish systems, or design advertising and emails that you are proud of.

Site Unicorn Shopify Partner Website Design Systems Integration Fixed Price with No Hidden Fees

Our Method Is Simple

Work with you - to do the work that will deliver you the most value and the highest return for your eCommerce store.

Site Unicorn Shopify Partner Website Design Systems Integration Fixed Price with No Hidden Fees

Our Goal Is Simple

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to empower you to become self-sufficient and be able to do all of the work yourself (should you wish to do so).

That’s what makes us Unicorns 🦄

How We Remove Your eComm Overwhelm

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Knowledge that Drives Growth

Information is a tool of transformation. Your eCommerce store is your domain, and we believe in empowering you. Each interaction is a chance to learn and empower, nurturing your store's expansion.

Building from Scratch, Upgrading the Existing

Crafting a brand-new eCommerce website or fine-tuning the current one – we thrive on the technical details, relish the analysis, and get a kick from deciphering the data. We will gladly translate the story your online store’s data tells, enabling your eCommerce growth.

Power in Understanding

Empowerment is at our core. When you partner with us, education is woven into every task. We make it our mission to ensure you understand the why and the how behind every task so you continue to build the confidence to run your business.

Personalised and Adapted Just for You

Every single eCommerce store is unique, an entire individual ecosystem. There are no one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solutions for websites, emails, ads, and systems. The solutions for your eCommerce store should fit you just like a well-tailored suit. The approach taken should also be flexible and tailored to achieve your goals and outcomes.

Flexibility for Your Success

Your eCommerce store is a dynamic ecosystem, a blend of online presence, brand identity, emails, and ads. The magic happens when these components work together. Just like a physical ecosystem, it needs to flex and adapt to needs, budgets, plans and systems. This is why our approach is always flexible to your needs.

What We Do As eCommerce Specialists

Setup & Optimisation is our game - Your stores growth & success is our aim!

At Site Unicorn, we focus on getting you real and measurable results in your Shopify store using website conversion rate optimisation (CRO), Klaviyo, Google Ads & other systems configured just for you and your eCommerce store.

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  • Site Unicorn Your Shopify Partner

    Shopify Partners

    This means we have access to and use some pretty awesome Shopify tools, training, tips and more. We specialise in setting up, updating and migrating people to Shopify. It also means that we really do know what we are talking about when it comes to all things Shopify!

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  • Site Unicorn Your Klaviyo Partner

    Klaviyo Partners

    This means that we have access and insights to Klaviyo tips, tricks, playbooks, training and so much more! We can set things up, update and edit things and make sure your Klaviyo emails are performing at their best. It also means we know what we are talking about when it comes to all things Klaviyo!

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Google Partner

We are honoured to be a Google Partner - this means we get access to training, support and resources to set you up for success and help you grow. We are up to date with the latest best practice to get you the results you deserve.

Your Practical Partner in eCommerce

Removing the overwhelm piece by piece by breaking down your eCommerce puzzle into five key pieces:

🦄 Your High Converting Website
🦄 Your Automatic Emails
🦄 Your Google & Facebook Ads
🦄 Your Systems & Strategies
🦄 Your Budgets, Pricing & Planning

How we make sure you get the most from the five key pieces of your eCommerce store

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Your Website - The Ecosystem Core

Your website is the heart of your eCommerce world. It is where the magic happens, the hub of sales and transactions. Removing your website overwhelm by creating from scratch a high-converting eCommerce store or refining, upgrading or adapting your existing store so it becomes high-converting. Empowering you with the skills and tools to manage your high-conversion eCommerce store confidently.

Numbers for Steady Growth

Pricing, budgeting, and forecasting shape your business's financial landscape. We've walked the path and learned a lot of lessons. Let us guide you, ensuring you know your margins, what you can spend where and prevent a lot of the pitfalls that eCommerce store owners face, including plugging the leaky budgets!

Mastering Automated Success

Automated emails are your online store's secret weapon. They reclaim abandoned carts, greet new buyers, and re-engage dormant shoppers. These emails fuel your advertising and plug more than a few holes in your eCommerce systems.

Systems and Strategies for Success

Systems, strategies and processes in your eCommerce store are a real-life and literal time saver! These not only allow you to feel confident in your approach - even when things don’t go entirely to plan, they allow you to streamline and adapt as needed so you can sleep easy knowing that things will still get done even when you sleep.

Navigating Traffic

What good is a website if it isn’t visited by real people? No visitors means no purchasers! Paid advertising is an amazing tool when used strategically to get the right people to visit your store. Our focus lies in Google Ads and Meta Ads. We customise each approach to suit your eCommerce landscape, ensuring these channels yield you real returns.

Site Unicorn Try Adapt Grow eCommerce Website Optimisation for Shopify

We Wholeheartedly Welcome You

to a practical yet exciting eCommerce journey. Our expertise, personalised approach, and practical, real-world solutions are here to propel you forward. Let's simplify eCommerce success together – we're hands-on, we're savvy, and we're ready to have you shaking off your eCommerce overwhelm now!

Our Full Service Details
  • Shopify Website Tweaks, Updates, Changes, Integrations & More!

    So many ways you can use our time bookings! Create your task list & book your time then we get working hard.

    Time Booking Options 
  • Shopify Full Website Builds

    3 tailored options to choose from each with upgrades you can choose to get your PERFECT eCommerce Site.

    Shopify Website Build Options 
  • Product Pricing, Modelling & Costing

    Need to work out exaclty what you should be charging? What about working out what will drive profit? Let us do the calcs.

    Pricing, Modelling & Costing 
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Site Unicorn - Removing the eCommerce Overwhelm of websites, systems, integrations and planning and finane budgeting

Heya - We are Site Unicorn

I am Sarah & I have over 7 years in eCommerce & eCommerce Web Design. Pete is my amazing hubby & has over 7 years experience in eCommerce systems setup. Together we are the main team behind Site Unicorn & we are super passionate about helping eCommerce business owners remove the stress, hassle, overwhelm, hidden costs & unknown that can come when running a successful online store. We both get a real buzz in giving you the tools you need to feel in control & in charge of your online store. So you can celebrate like a magical 🦄

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