Special Offers

The Why & Nitty-Gritty Details

At Site Unicorn we are all about being the eCommerce Store you can be - not cloak & dagger development work - this means support! To show you support, we believe in fair, honest & open communication with you & empowering you with the skills to be able to do as much of the work as possible (if you choose to!)

Below you will find the ways we promote, support, giveaway and celebrate and the unique terms and conditions surrounding these. As always any questions or concerns, just reach out via email: hello@siteunicorn.com.

Extra Giveaways Offers, Competitions & Promotions

It is no secret that we love making people happy, so from time to time, we are going to help spread the happiness & have a little fun offering you other opportunities, giveaways & competitions, & promotions like special discounts. 

The terms of entry & participation on these are announced at the commencement of these unique offers. This includes the how to take part, what the prize/offer is & the date that it finishes up. The remaining terms & conditions are detailed as follows.

All other offers, promotions, events, competitions, specials & opportunities run separately.

Other Terms & Conditions

We are not here to make things complicated, but we are laying it all out so we are all on the same page, & you know it is important to us to be transparent, fair & openly communicate. So here are all the other related competition terms & conditions.

To enter any of our offers/giveaways/draws/competitions, you agree to these terms & conditions:

You are over the age of 18

You reside in Australia or New Zealand

You accept that Site Unicorn reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition due to unforeseen circumstances. We will notify entrants of these changes via any & all channels we have available to us.

After the closing date, no further entries are included.

The prize/in-store credit is stated at the time of commencement or in these full terms, & other alternatives will not be offered.

Prizes/credits or other discounts are not transferrable or redeemable for cash.

The winners are notified by one or more of these channels; email, DM, social media posts, stories or email newsletters.

The winner needs to claim & use the in-store credit within the time frame stated. After which the credit becomes nil & void. No extensions will be granted

All draws are conducted by matching the place number of the list to the number generated by Google's random number generator. Place number is given as entrants are identified, usually in chronological order. The decision of the independent random number generator is final. Each winning entrant is checked that they comply with the entry conditions outlined. If they do not, another number is drawn.

Updated February 2024