Software tools we love for eCommerce businesses to make your life easier and running your business more efficient.

Software We LOVE

An eCommerce store can be an amazing thing it can also be super overwhelming with a list of tasks that never seems to end and process that seem to get super complicated super quickly. We know EXACTLY what it’s like.

We also understand that sometimes you just need it to be easier, more streamlined and for things to just work as they should. So we put together this list of software that we LOVE! A list of software that has made running our eCommerce stores a lot simpler, and easier to manage.

Remember we are honest human beings here at Site Unicorn so some of these amazing options we are affiliates for which is why they have referral links attached. We have marked these with an asterisk next to their name. Everything in this list we use and LOVE – yep honestly!

ClickUp - Tools we love

ClickUp *

This is a form creation, organisation, scheduling and task list program that will serioulsy save you at least a day a week! We use it for managing Site Unicorn workloads and form submissions including return and exchange requests! It is super adaptable to what you need.

Get ClickUp

Shopify - Tools we love

Shopify *

Of course we LOVE Shopify we are Shopify Partners afterall! Remember we can registe ryou and set your store up for you but if you want to go it a go just click the link for your first three months at $1 per month too!

Get Shopify

Loox - tools we love

Loox *

Is a review platform built exclusively for Shopify. It integrates super nicely and just works perfectly and looks brilliant. Plus it integrates nicely with Klaviyo and Google Shopping!

Get Loox

Klaviyo - tools we love

Klaviyo *

Hands down our favourite email platform for eCommerce. Super easy to use with so much functionality! Plus it integrates with both Google Ads and Facebook Ads so you can create audiences and really get the most from your advertising campaigns.

Get Klaviyo

Google Workspace - Tools we love

Google Workspace *

We couldn't run any of our businesses without this one! Email, calendar, meetings, file storage and sooooo much more!

Google Workspace is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It's simple to set up, use and manage, so your business can focus on what really matters. Site Unicorn runs on Google Workspace as do all our eCommerce businesses. Click the link below to get 14 days FREE!

Get Google Workspace

Canva Web Software


Canva is our go to image sizing, media creation tool! Super easy to use and super duper functional - pretty sure you will love it as much as we do! Even better there is a FREE option!

Get Canva

Tinypng - Tools We Love

Tinypng - Tinify

This is our goto tool for optimising website imges! You will love this super easy to use and great results! Plus your website really will load faster with smaller image sizes with NO comprimise in image quality.

Go To Tinypng

Metricool - Tools we love

Metricool *

Metricool is a tool that allows you to analyze, manage and monitor the success of all your digital content. We LOVE Metricool it makes social media a breeze! Plus it has analysis tools for a full look at how your social media and advertising strategies are going across both Facebook and Google Ads.

Get Metricool

Snagit image snipping and cropping tool for all types of business owners recommended by Site Unicorn


Copy any section of your screen even with a scrolling capture. Make instructional flow tables and easy communication diagrams. Our go to screen capture and image resizing tool. We use this a LOT when working with clients to help illustrate what we are doing, updating and changing.

Get Snagit

Camtasia software for screen recording and so much more! Recommended by Site Unicorn


Ultimate screen recording software that is super easy to use and edit your videos with! It is what we use to record all our instructional videos. You can edit your video, voiceovers and even your cursour. You can add effects and edit your video too.

Get Camtasia

Make system automation to make your life easier.

Make *

Use Make to automate all those tasks that take time but are super repetitive! Make your day to day easier. We use this to import orders from Shopify to our work list for Site Unicorn and more!

Get Make

LastPass Secure Password Manager


Managing passwords doesn't have to be a drag at all! LastPass is AWESOME! It not only autofills passwords in for you and your log in details it also generates secure passwords for you. We wouldn't be without it!

Get LastPass


Have you got a software tool that you LOVE and use every day that we didn't list? Or know something that we should give a try? Make sure you comment below and let us know so we can give it a try!

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